The Importance of Embracing Payment Technology


The next logical step after standard credit cards is the digital wallet. A customer sets it up in their mobile phone, inputting all of their credit card and payment information and storing it securely in the app. When it comes time to pay, even the physical credit card is no longer necessary. The customer simply places their phone near the merchant’s contactless reader, verifies their identity with a password, fingerprint or facial recognition and the payment is encrypted and processed within seconds. In an era when most people are never separated from their mobile devices, digital wallets make it possible for them to purchase goods and services even when they have no cash or cards at hand.


The same point-of-sale system that functions as your payment processing center also has the capability to enhance the relationships you have with your loyal patrons. It allows you to do the following tasks:

  • Set up loyalty programs to encourage repeat visits;
  • Store personal customer information in a database;
  • Send targeted emails and coupons;
  • Use location-based technology to alert customers to special promotions when they get within close proximity of your store.

In other words, technology, which is often saddled with the reputation for bringing about impersonal treatment, can actually do just the opposite. You can use it to tailor the newsletters and other communications you send to each person in your database. Your POS solution can show each customer that they are not simply a faceless buyer; instead, you are aware of and care about their unique needs and preferences.

Embracing change is challenging for individuals and entrepreneurs alike, but taking the plunge can be exactly what you need to enhance your operations and advance to the next level. Far from removing you from the people you serve, these innovations can help you to personalize your relationships and streamline many processes that may currently rob you of hours of precious time each week. Wouldn’t you rather be using those minutes to improve your products and services? If your answer is “yes”, embrace modern payment technologies today.

Although it’s hard to believe, ways to pay for goods and services other than cash have only been popularly used since the 1970s when paying with plastic came to the fore. Back then, if you didn’t have the actual dollars in your pocket, you simply didn’t make the purchase. These days, however, credit cards seem almost antiquated when compared to some of the newer methods. As a small business owner, it’s important that you remain ahead of the curve.


We can’t move on to the trending methods until we give a nod to credit cards. If you aren’t accepting them at your business location or online, you are depriving yourself of a large chunk of your potential client base. While some entrepreneurs once resisted accepting plastic because of the cost and for security reasons, these objections carry little weight these days. For one thing, chances are excellent that you will earn more in profits from the goods and services purchased with plastic than you will lose in setup costs and transaction fees. Furthermore, today’s EMV technology enables a customer to “dip” their card directly into the credit card reader, which processes the transaction securely

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SMS Marketing Effectively Targets The Electronics Market

Marketing services is one of the most important aspects of running a business. When you have started up your own business, you must adopt effective marketing techniques so that you get more customers. It is important, especially for new businesses, to advertise their products and services on the market. When the offerings of a business are properly marketed then the number of prospective customers is increased. Therefore, it is important to adopt effective marketing techniques to make your business successful by gaining more customers and increase in sales.

There are different marketing techniques that you can try for advertising your products on the market. It is important to that you choose the one that will greatly benefit your business. SMS marketing  is one of the most effective marketing techniques that are used by people all over the world. The popularity of marketing by the means of SMS is growing by the day as the number of businesses using the same is rapidly increasing. “The reason behind its popularity is that SMS marketing effectively targets the electronics market,” said Tamir from Tadi Brothers. If you have a running business in the electronics market then you can greatly benefit by marketing your products through text messages.

When you have made up your mind that you want to use SMS marketing techniques for your business, you should fallow the rules for sms marketing for highly effective. First of all, you should focus on market segmentation. There are billions of mobile phone users in the United States, and the number of users is increasing by the day. You must focus on your prospective customer base so that your efforts are fruitful. If you have products to sell that are meant for the young adults then it does not make sense to send text messages to children and old people. It will diminish your resources and may turn in fruitful results.

The best thing about SMS marketing services like the ones Textedly provides is that you can target a large number of customers in an instance. With little work and in less time, thousands of text messages can be sent to your prospective customers. You would simply have to get a bulk SMS service and you will be ready to start advertising your products on the market. When you are sending text messages to your prospective clients, you must remember that you should not send them multiple messages that will irritate them. The messages should be sent occasionally and the content must be short, succinct and convincing.…

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Worker’s Compensation vs Personal Injury Claims Explained

While workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits are often conflated with one another, they’re very different fields of the law. Because they can be easily confused, we have broken down the differences below. It can be hard to tell the difference between a workers compensation claim and a personal injury claim. In fact, some people categorize workers’ compensation claims as personal injury lawsuits, when technically this isn’t actually the case. While injuries can occur during work hours, filing these as a worker’s compensation vs. a personal injury claim depends on a range of factors. For example, a slip and fall at work could either be a worker’s comp claim or a personal injury suit, depending on the situation.

Often mistaken for one in the same, a workers’ compensation claim is very different from a personal injury claim. According to the experts at Dini Law not only are the requirements and deadlines different, but a personal injury claim generally involves some sort of fault/negligence on the part of a third party, while workers’ compensation arises when an employee gets injured whilst working, regardless of fault. There are 2 key provisions that separate Personal Injury claims and Workers’ Compensation cases:

  • Fault requirement
  • Compensation available

The biggest and most significant difference is that personal injury lawsuits are based on fault and who caused injury to the victim and require that the individual being sued is at fault; whereas for a workers’ compensation case, fault is not relevant. This means that workers who get injured during the course of their employment obtain compensation benefits whether or not they’re at fault, or whether or not their boss is at fault. Since nobody is at fault in Workers’ Compensation cases, compensation for damages is generally faster but limited to specific areas.

In some workers’ compensation claims, there may be a third-party personal injury claim for the same injury/accident. These are often known as combination cases. “In case the injury is the result of a third-party, i.e. an individual unrelated to the employee’s occupation, then the employee may have a third-party personal injury claim against the individual who caused the injury” said attorney Joseph from Farzam Law. A somewhat simplistic example of a combination claim is when a cab driver gets hit by another car on the roadway. The cab driver could now have a workers’ compensation case, if they were on the job at-the time of the collision or accident, but also a personal injury lawsuit against the individual who hit the cab driver, in case that person is un-related to the cab driver’s job.

The other big difference in damages between a workers’ compensation case and a personal injury claim, or lawsuit, is that you aren’t entitled to benefits for pain and suffering in the case of a workers’ compensation. This is because the overall concept of workers’ compensation is essentially a trade-off between labor and business owners. But in a workers’ compensation claim, you can only promptly receive weekly compensation whilst away from work, vocational rehabilitation, payment of medical bills, and, where necessary, permanent impairment benefits. In return, injured workers lost their right to sue employers and co-workers for negligence or fault and lost the right to recover damages for pain and suffering. In a personal injury claim or lawsuit, you’re entitled …

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6 Things to Remember When Planning a Quinceañera

Planning a Quinceañera is a matter that needs timing, dedication, and proper guidance. You should never go wrong when planning for this type of event because it has great implication to the girls’ passage to womanhood. Several things are usually involved in planning such an event but the most significant ones to have in mind include the following;


It is imperative that you discuss with your parents or guardian regarding the idea of Quinceañera. You certainly need their approval since, in many instances, they will be involved in some factors such as financing of the party. John from Anoush Catering recommends that “it is advisable that you start discussing the Quince relatively early; between 6-12 months in advance.” This shall allow you to get ample time to consider all the budgetary and social logistics.

Determine the budget

It is arguably the most fundamental aspect when planning a Quinceañera. Your budget will depend on the amount that your family or other sponsors are willing to chip in. If you have an unlimited budget to work with, you can choose to have a huge, festive Quince party. If you are working on a tight budget, you can decide to have a relatively simple party. It does not hurt anyway to have a simple Quince event.

Consider the date for the party

Many girls often choose their birthdays as the dates for such events. Apparently, it is important to celebrate it on your birthday. Conversely, it is equally important to consider the season when that day falls. Check if other holidays might conflict with your time, if people are available to attend, and whether your budget will meet the expenses should it fall during peak season.

Determine whether or not you will have a church ceremony

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having this event in a church before the actual party. Seeking divine intervention for graduating to womanhood is typical, though optional. But it would be ideal, if possible to have church leaders to preside over this function at your local church before going for the Quince party later in the day.

Choosing the location

When planning a Quinceañera, it is vital to ensure that you choose an ideal location for the event. There are several options such as renting a space, setting a park or deciding to host the party at home. All shall depend on the budget that you are work with.

Set when the party starts and ends

This will enable the guests to arrive and leave on time. It will also reduce possible inconveniences as far as the event is concerned.…

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How To Get The Perfect Audio Transcription Service

As you are already aware, that transcription has been into service from the time when medical sectors came into the business. There is a great need in the medical industry for converting audio into text. Transcription has become one of the excellent professional jobs due to the encroachment of technology. Earlier companies used to lease people for the work of converting the audio into text, but now they have changed their strategy by assigning the transcription work to another outsourcing company which can provide them best professional service. Audio transcription is an easy task only if done carefully. It is often useful for those who have some disability in hearing.

Taking the service from legal transcription services is helpful as it not only benefits you in return but also relieves you from extra load. The outsourcing company would transcribe audio to text files in pretty short time. Companies need the transcribed text from the audio clips as they have to place this text into their website. The advantage that the outsourcing companies have over any random person is that they will produce a flawless text document. Their timely delivery of service is the reason many businesses lease these services. They help the clients by giving them good returns. Customers need to take care of few things before they send any project for transcription purpose.

Audio speech or the interview should be made in such a place that has no disturbance as the audio file that contains noisy content is hard to transcribe into the textual format. Consequently, more time will be taken for the service leading to rising in price since the process charges hourly price. Hence interview must be conducted in a peaceful environment. Digital audio transcription device is the better option than any analog device because the recording is very much clear. Using voice recorders of a reputed company is best for recording audio. The process of transcribing is fast for the clear audio. You should tell your requirements well in advance like the format, size of the text file so that they can deliver you the transcribed document of your choice.

The services offered by the professional transcribers are valuable. It diminishes the overhead charges as you will be paying a definite amount to the outsourcing company and hence saving yourself from abiding extra expense of leasing the staff for the transcribing purpose. They will deliver you productive results. They will facilitate you the quality service which will be completely bugging free. Their spotless job is remarkable as they ensure on time delivery. They ensure that your other business work goes on smoothly by giving you service timely so that you don’t face any hurdle in completing your task. They make it certain that all your requirements are fulfilled, and nothing is left out to keep you out of any worry. Leasing audio transcription services would be the best choice as you won’t have to repent relying on them. Their flexible and affable expertise in their domain enable them to deliver quality results.…

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Understanding The Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Social security is defined as a foundation that deals with economic security while it uses the public funds in order to provide security for the elderly or disabled people, supplemental security income, retirees and deceased workers. Therefore, when you ask an appeal, social security makes sure that the application of the decision made on your supplemental security income or disability is correct. Also they take a look at the decision and determination at the parts that favored you and if their decision was wrong, they will probably change it. There are several steps of the appeal process and they include;

1. Federal Court-It is very crucial to file a civil action with a court in your area if an appeal council denies your request or either issues you a decision and at your point of view you don’t agree with it. The social security cannot be not in a position to assist you file a court action therefore, you will need to contact a group of legal aid or a lawyer like the experts at Geklaw. You can ask for benefits to continue when you are appealing the decision that will not be in a position to get social security disability.

2. Hearing-Your representative will need to request a hearing from an administrative law judge by completing or writing a form if you don’t agree with determination and reconsideration. This is done within 60 days after the time you get a notice of determination reconsideration. You can be asked to clarify information and give more evidence on your claim before the hearing. It is very advantageous to attend the hearing personally.

3. Appeals Council-You will need to ask a review from social security appeal council if you do not agree with the decision of the hearing and they will gladly assist you with the review. The appeal council may review your case and if so, it will return your case to an administrative judge or decide your case for further review.

4. Reconsideration-This is a review of you case from a person who was not involved in the first decision. Reconsiderations take part on a review of your files even without your presence. It is very essential for your representative to ask for reconsideration in 60 days in writing from the date that you get a notice from the initial determination. It is advisable to make a request for continuation of the benefit if you appeal a cessation of disability and you require to be receiving the benefits up to the time that they make a determination. It is very crucial take note and understand the above mentioned procedures of social security process.…

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Garage Doors Trends That Can Transform Your Space

When it pertains to making your house stand apart, you have to stay up to date with the latest trends. Among the most recent trends is embellishing garage doors. Garage doors have to be practical, which is why individuals have the tendency to keep them as easy as possible but a simple garage door upgrade can really make a difference and transform your space.

The marketplace is flooded with many garage door replacement companies, supplying expert services like Aladdin Doors. Ideally, purchasing a new contemporary garage door could, in it self transform not only the appearance of your home but also transform the space inside. For those who are on a budget, a simple touch up to your garage door can go a long way.

In fact, you will discover that, depending on the garage door you choose, a simple upgrade could transform your garage into an actual living space. Many garage doors nowadays come with an integrated electrical system that makes them very practical for not only vehicle traffic but also individuals.

One of the biggest trends is transforming your garage into a living space. Choosing the right door as a glass vs all metal will make a huge difference. With the help of some insulation and a few pieces of furniture you can transform your space and give a from night to day makeover.

Your garage door is an essential part of your daily life and the security of your household. When it’s time for a brand-new garage door, make certain you deal with a signed registered business. You desire an expert seeing to it that everything is precisely right, operating correctly and prepared to offer your house a fantastic makeover!…

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Plastic Surgery Recovery: Villas And Self-Catering

Cosmetic procedures offer people the opportunity to improve their appearance, self-image, and overall lifestyle. But the decision to undergo plastic surgery should not be taken lightly. People have the best results when they make fully informed decisions and understand all phases of the process. This includes recovery from the procedure.

Planning for recovery should begin well before your surgery day. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss various elements of the procedure with you, such as your medical history, the procedure itself, expectations and risks, as well as the recovery time. It is important to find a plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. Make sure you have all your questions answered. Be open and honest about your medical history, any medications you take, and all of your hopes and concerns.

You should then take steps to assure you are ready for your recovery. This usually means arranging for someone to help take care of you, allowing sufficient time off from work, and changing your lifestyle a bit so you can avoid physical stress and exertion. You should be aware of any medicines your doctor will want you to take during your recovery.

Most cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are done on an outpatient basis. This means that you will be able to go home the day of surgery. “Generally, you will be in surgery for a few hours and then go to the recovery room for another two hours or so while the nurse monitors your initial recovery and assures your safety,”said Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Davis Nguyen. Many people choose to go home after surgery, while others choose to stay at a skilled nursing facility for a night or two to have the additional help. This will depend on your preferences, your overall health, and the actual Beverly Hills plastic surgery procedures you will be having done. You surgeon will help you decide what is best for you. Again, these discussions, decisions, and plans should be done well in advance of the procedure day.

Recovery from more extensive procedures or from many procedures performed at once like breast augmentation, liposuction and nose surgery last longer, usually lasts several weeks.  In these cases many people opt to undergo recovery in the form of a mini getaway were they stay at a rental or a villa were they have catering services at their disposal like the ones at Only Provence. This is a great option as you are advised to do only light activities and a stress free environment speeds your recovery. You should not stay in bed all the time, but you should not overdo it with activities.

People who travel for their procedures are a special case. A good deal of planning should be done in advance to assure that arrangements are made for a long enough stay in town following the surgery day. Your surgeon will want to see you at least once or maybe more depending on what was done.

It is important to realize that you usually will not see all of your results for a few weeks or even months following your procedure. Do not get frustrated! Your body needs time to adjust to its new shape and you will see the changes you hope for with time. With a good attitude and proper …

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